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Cod Liver Oil | Nutritional Supplements | Human & Pets™

Cod Liver Oil

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✔︎  Rich in EPA & DHA
✔︎  Rich in vitamins A and D
✔︎  No synthetic additives
✔︎  Laboratory tested
✔︎  Premium quality

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A natural source of unsaturated Omega-3 fatty acids, rich in EPA and DHA, and vitamins A and D. An excellent dietary supplement with significant anti-inflammatory properties. It has a positive effect on skin health and coat quality as well as on the development of bones and teeth. It contains valuable fatty acids, two of the most important ones, which are found in abundance in fish oils such as cod liver oil, known as Docosahexaenoic Acid (DHA) and Eicosapentaenoic acid (EPA).

Omega-3 (DHA and EPA) have a positive effect on skin and coat quality, help with atopic dermatitis, dermatological problems, and allergies, enhance immune and digestive, reduce inflammation, joint problems, growth, cardiovascular improvement, elimination of toxins, support the nervous system and brain health as well as in cancer prevention. Cod Liver Oil is ideal for pregnant and lactating dogs. It also serves as an excellent source of energy for dogs with increased physical demands.