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Fish with Shrimps & Green-Lipped Mussels

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✔︎  Gently cooked
✔︎  No corn, wheat, soy or GMOs
✔︎  Suitable for allergy sufferers
✔︎  No added sugar or flavor enhancers

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Herrmann's Manufaktur convinces a wide range of high-quality food for dogs and cats of certified organic quality and from sustainable production in Germany. For their products, they use selected ingredients from controlled organic production and species-appropriate animal husbandry.

Cats are pure carnivores and real gourmets at the same time. Therefore, our claim is: It has to be species-appropriate and only the best. Our menus for cats consist of only one source of animal protein (with the exception of fish and chicken), with over 90% meat. Each menu is rounded off individually with valuable nutrients from vegetables, a trace of additional fiber and organic oils. Natural taurine comes, among other things, from the heart muscle. In order to cover the required need for taurine, cat menus will continue to be supplemented with taurine.

Note for allergy sufferers: This recipe is grain-free, gluten-free and lactose-free. Traces cannot be ruled out.

Your cat should always have fresh water available. Please always feed at room temperature and adjust the feeding individually. Cats have different energy and nutrient needs depending on their breed, age, level of activity and metabolism.