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Frozen Yogurt with Goji Berry, Cranberry & Plum

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3 reviews
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Rich in the essential vitamins, minerals and fibre
Rich in probiotics and antioxidants
No artificial preservatives
Tasty! he’ll be panting for more

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The frozen yogurt products of A&D Natural Foods are superb nutritional supplements with an unmatched nutritional value for the dogs while also a taste sensation for your adorable quadruped companions. They are rich in probiotics, antioxidants, proteins, calcium, potassium, iron, natural fibres, and provide innumerable benefits to the dogs’ overall health.

• Enhance the immune system and cardiac function
• Facilitate the proper development and strengthening of skeletal muscles
• Fine-tune the function of the intestine
• Shield the organism’s cells
• Provide energy, vitality, and overall well-being
• Minimize stress


Yogurt, Goji Berries, Cranberries and Plum