Rabbit with Rice Flakes - Wet Food | Human & Pets
Rabbit with Rice Flakes - Wet Food | Human & Pets
Rabbit with Rice Flakes - Wet Food | Human & Pets

Rabbit with Rice Flakes

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✔︎  Gently cooked
✔︎  No corn, wheat, soy or GMOs
✔︎  Suitable for allergy sufferers
✔︎  No added sugar or flavor enhancers

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What is inside? 50% rabbits in the wild are sustainably hunted. Rabbit is high in protein and low in calories. Also suitable for dogs with intolerance. Tapioca flour provides fiber and is well tolerated. Other valuable nutrients are provided by brewer's yeast (for B vitamins), hemp oil, algae lime (for calcium), cod liver oil (for vitamins A and D) and knotty kelp (for iodine). Complete feed for dogs. Suitable for whom? 

Our menus for sensitive people with easily digestible ingredients such as chicken, carrots, rice or goat - of course with only one animal protein source. These menus are suitable for nutritionally sensitive and older four-legged friends. The menus for adults or sensitive people are generally suitable as a basic menu for feeding from the 2nd month, if individual supplements are made in the special life phases of the first year of life (e.g. growth and change of teeth).

Note for allergy sufferers: This recipe is grain-free and gluten-free. Traces cannot be ruled out. Why SELECTION? Whether it's a puppy, an adult dog or a dog suffering from allergies: individual nutrition tailored to the needs of a dog is important for a species-appropriate and good dog life. That is the SELECTION principle, and has been for decades. 

Why Herrmann's Manufactory?

Herrmann's Manufaktur convinces with a wide range of high-quality food for dogs and cats in certified organic quality and from sustainable production in Germany. For our products we use selected ingredients from controlled organic production and species-appropriate animal husbandry.

Herrmann's  Selection Sensitive Rabbits with rice flakes at a glance:

  • From our own production in Germany
  • Suitable for allergy sufferers
  • Non-GMO
  • Produced with low CO2
  • No factory farming
  • Without animal testing
  • No added sugar or flavor enhancers
  • Without flavourings, attractants, colorings and preservatives


50.00% rabbit (muscle meat, heart, lungs, liver), 22.90% cooking stock*, 9.00% rice flakes*, 8.00% carrots*, 5.00% apples*, 2.00% tapioca flour*, 1.00% hemp oil*, 1.00% brewer's yeast, 0.50% algae lime, 0.50% cod liver oil, 0.10% knotty kelp* (Ascophyllum nodosum) *from certified organic production, of which the total is 48.0%

analytical components

Complete feed for adult dogs
Moisture 74.07% Crude protein 10.37% Crude fat 2.90% Crude fiber 0.93% Crude ash 1.44%

Additives per kg

Nutritional additives: iron from ferrous sulphate monohydrate 11.50 mg, copper from copper (II) sulphate pentahydrate 1.84 mg, manganese from manganese (II) oxide 1.60 mg, zinc from zinc sulphate -Monohydrate 25.00 mg, selenium from sodium selenite 0.02 mg

 weight of the dog   Amount of feed per day
5kg 295g
10kg 497g
15kg 673g
20kg 835g
40kg 1405g

Energy / kcal per 100 g: 108 kcal. According to FEDIAF, the energy requirement depends on the growth phase. For adult dogs the following applies at least: 95 kcal/kg BW0.75 (metabolic weight).

Note: Your dog should always have fresh water available. Please always feed at room temperature and adjust the feeding individually. Dogs have different energy and nutrient needs depending on their breed, age, level of activity and metabolism