Mini Bones Chicken | Treats & Chews | Human & Pets™
Mini Bones Chicken | Treats & Chews | Human & Pets™

Mini Bones Chicken

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✔︎  Naturally Air-Dried
✔︎  Without Synthetic Additives
✔︎  Premium Quality
✔︎  Freshly Raw Ingredients

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Feed your furry friends with a bone-a-fide treat! Our Mini Bones Chicken, dog and cat treats, are naturally made with real chicken and just the right amount of crunch – perfect for training and soft enough to bite! Your pup or kitty will leap with joy at the taste of these bone-shaped snacks!

These treats are perfect for dogs and cats of all sizes, and easily breakable for even the smallest breeds! With no preservatives, additives, cereals or fillers, our Mini Chicken Bones is a brilliant complimentary treat to raw feeding, whether for training or just as something for your dog or cat to enjoy! Healthy, nutritious and convenient to feed, our treats are a perfect complementary snack to your pet's raw diet. If you want a healthy, nutritious snack for your canine or feline companion, our air-dried treats are the way to go.