Omega 3 Fish Oil - Nutritional Supplements | Human & Pets
Omega 3 Fish Oil - Nutritional Supplements | Human & Pets

Omega 3 Fish Oil

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✔︎  Rich in EPA & DHA
✔︎  No synthetic additives
✔︎  Laboratory tested
✔︎  Premium quality

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Certified oil obtained from wild marine fish with the highest content of Omega-3 acids. To achieve a high level of Omega-3 acids, the oil is made using fish from the families: Anchovy (Engraulidae), Carangidae, Herring (Clupeidae), and Mackerel (Scombridae), with the exception of the genera Thunnus and Sarda. Delicate in taste with a gentle aroma. It contains no artificial preservatives and is perfectly acceptable to dogs and cats.

Holista Omega-3 Fish Oil is a complex mixture of triacylglycerols (also called triglycerides) characterized by extremely high levels of EPA and DHA, i.e. in an approximate ratio of 18:12. The product does not contain artificial preservatives and is free from genetically modified materials and components. Packed in a nitrogen atmosphere, it meets all European Union regulations regarding permissible levels of contaminants in human foodstuffs. The oil also meets the requirements set by National Regulatory Authorities regarding drug registration.